Vision Treynor GROUP 


VTG is comprised of sub-committees that focus on the different projects that need facilitated and/or managed.  Those committees are:

Family Aquatic Center

The Family Aquatic Facility Committee will focus on developing an aquatic facility that incorporates the various features, considerations and options to provide a quality facility that meets the needs of the Treynor community and serves as an area destination point.  As an area destination point the aquatic facility also will help support the economic development of the Treynor community.  The features will be based on the survey results and developed with the assistance and expertise of aquatic facility consultants.  Additional input will be sought from the community as the project progresses.  The committee will coordinate with the other Vision Treynor Group committees with respect to budget and scope and to ensure the elements of the aquatic facility work in harmony with the features of the youth sports complex and the overall goals of the Vision Treynor Group.

Youth Sports Complex

The mission of the Youth Sports Complex Committee is to create and manage a tournament quality youth athletic complex that will impress upon young people and the community the benefits of physical fitness within the concept of competitive team sports. Goals of the Youth Sports Complex Committee are:

  • To provide a diverse, properly designed, adequately sized, and safe sports environment for our youth.
  • To enhance the emotional, physical, and social well being of our youth and community.
  • To attract people to Treynor and help support the economic development of the Treynor community.
  • To manage the operations of the Treynor Youth Sports Complex.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee will serve as the Public Relations, Marketing, and overall Community Communication branch of the Vision Treynor Group.  The COC will have a special interest in providing appropriate levels of communication of the VTG groups' activities and foster positive relationships throughout the area for each project developed by the VTG.

Finance & Operations

The Finance and Operations Committee is intent on providing the legal and financial support to all facets of the Vision Treynor Group activities.  The F&O committee will develop an ethical decision foundation to be used by VTG officers, directors and associates when executing actions that fulfill current or future community impacting activities.  Through our oversight and fundraising, we intend to promote local philanthropy and develop the long term leadership vision necessary to sustain a healthy and vibrant Treynor community.