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Why do we need additional facilities?

The Treynor community actually has little to no readily available, high quality recreational space.  The current facilities (cemetery green space, small diamonds in the park) while appreciated, are actually makeshift and only support a few teams from a participation and practice perspective.  We need facilities to support 400+ active children (not to mention opportunities for adults).  Each year, there are on average 120 baseball/softball games and 200+ games of flag football and soccer that could be played in Treynor if facilities were available.  As things stand, families are required to travel to games in other communities. 

Why isn’t the pool in the first phase?

The land purchased for the future Treynor Family Recreation Complex needs a great deal of grading before any component of the project can be constructed.  Because of the expense associated with grading the land and the family aquatic center, Vision Treynor Group (VTG) determined that it is more practical and realistic to first complete some of the baseball/softball and soccer fields, which have a lower cost and can be utilized in at least three seasons of the year.  The ball fields can also generate income to help fund pool construction through league/tournament fees and the concession stand.

How were the facilities for the project selected?

In May and June of 2010, VTG conducted a survey to determine what amenities community members in and around Treynor would like to see in the area.  The survey generated 440 responses.  The results showed overwhelming support for recreational facilities in the community, with a desire for softball, baseball, football and soccer fields, a walking trail, a community fitness center, and a family aquatic center. 

The goal of the Treynor Family Recreation Complex is to create a readily accessible destination for sports, picnics, family and town activities, supporting a community spirit.  The initial phases, as per the survey, are targeted to provide recreational opportunities for all.

How long is the walking trail?

The walking trail will be approximately 7,000 feet (1 1/3 miles). The walking trail is not in the first phase of the project.

How many cars will the first phase parking lot hold?

The parking lot for the initial phase of the project will hold approximately 250 cars.  Additional parking will be added in subsequent phases. 

What is planned for the “neck” of land in the far north part of the complex?

This land is held in reserve for future development.  The shape of the land purchased was based on the configuration of the developer’s property.

How was the land purchased?

The land was purchased from two sources.  The majority of the land acquisition was paid for with the TS Bank’s initial $500,000 gift.  The remaining funds were provided to VTG on a short term basis via the TS Bank Endowment fund.

Is there a plan for sustaining and maintaining the facility?

Approximately eight percent of the $3.2 million campaign goal ($250,000) will be designated for a maintenance fund.  Eventually, VTG plans to develop a Parks and Recreation Board to manage and oversee the Treynor Family Recreation Complex.

In VTG’s preliminary but detailed financial planning, cash flow to support the ball fields is strong, even in the first year.  This is due to income anticipated from a modest number of tournaments, fees that are now going to other leagues and facilities, and concessions.  These fees are expected to contribute not only to the yearly expenses, but also provide some cash flow to the long term maintenance account, to be used for larger, future repairs.

What involvement will the City have in the Treynor Family Recreation Complex?

At this time, VTG is the sole owner of this property and of any future phases constructed for the facility.  However, VTG and the City of Treynor will explore ownership/partnership and city involvement options that will serve both groups’ best interest.

How will this project affect development in the area?

It is expected that the greenspace, recreation facilities, and amenities of the Treynor Family Recreation Complex will have positive, lasting impact on the future development of Treynor and the surrounding area.

Is my gift to this campaign tax deductible?

Vision Treynor Group is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation.  All gifts are tax deductible in accordance with Federal and Iowa state laws. 

Gifts to this campaign may be made to the Treynor Community Foundation, designated to the Vision Treynor Group fund. 

Do I have to make my gift all at once?

No.  Gifts may be made monthly, quarterly or annually over a one to three year pledge period.

How can I get updates on the project?

Updates are available through Vision Treynor Group’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page:

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Twitter Page (Twitter Handle:  @VisionTreynor)