Vision Treynor GROUP 

History of vtg

Vision Treynor Group was started after a group of concerned community members began talking of ways in which to improve the quality of life in and around Treynor.

The original idea group (Jeff Carley, Glen Fleming, Travis Castle, Norm Collins & Scott Reelfs) agreed that in order for projects of this magnitude to be accomplished, a formal group needed to be created that represented a broad cross-section of the community.  Members were sought from the Optimist, Junior Treynor Women, American Legion, TRA, City of Treynor, Treynor School District and Treynor State Bank.  Jeff & Glen represented the Treynor Rec Sports program.

On February 11, 2010, Vision Treynor Group held their first meeting to begin discussions on the feasibility of a family recreation complex in Treynor to improve the overall amenities offered to the community and the surrounding area. Since then, the group has worked tirelessly on a number of items such as evaluating the need of such a project through a community survey, hiring of HGM of Council Bluffs to assist with potential design and cost factors of the project, and land options for potential facility locations.  The group has been approved by the IRS as a 501c3 organization.

In March of 2012, VTG hired the firm of Paul J. Strawhacker to conduct a philanthropic study.  An in-depth article was created to showcase the efforts and goals of Visition Treynor Group.  

Original members of VTG included:

Shelly Bailey, Junior Treynor Women
Dan Buckelew, Treynor Recreation Area
Travis Castle
Kevin Elwood, Treynor Community School District
Glen Fleming, Treynor Rec Sports
Gary Funkhouser, Treynor Optimist Club
Josh Guttau, TS Bank
Tracy Henke, City of Treynor
Doug Klahn, Treynor Community School District
Scott Reelfs
Doug Wehring